Xenosaga Freaks
Monolith Soft
Release date
April 28, 2004 (Japan)
PlayStation 2

Xenosaga Freaks is a game released in Japan on April 28, 2004.

Xenosaga Freaks contained four separate parts:

  • XenoComi, which plays like an illustrated, voiced text adventure. The scenario is credited to Yanesaka Norihiko and it was directed by Yuki Mitsuhiro. It is more laid-back campy fun, compared to the serious and darker elements of Xenosaga. Though uncredited, some of the music scored by Yasunori Mitsuda for Episode I was used in the game.
  • Kotoba no Puzzle: Xenopittan, a word puzzle game, which is a Xenosaga themed version of Kotoba no Puzzle: Mojipittan.
  • Encyclopedia of Xenosaga Episode I terms.
  • Playable demo version of Episode II.

Xenosaga Freaks was never released outside Japan, and currently there is no official English translation for it. However, 5 of the 7 XenoComi chapters were fan-translated; the ones that aren't yet are Shion and Allen.[1]

Quiz answers Edit

  • Shion: 3, 2, 4, 3, 4
  • KOS-MOS: 4, 2, 3, 1, 3
  • Jr.: 3, 2, 3, 4, 3
  • MOMO: 3, 4, 2, 3, 1
  • Ziggy: 4, 3, 2, 1, 2
  • chaos: 3, 2, 4, 1, 4

Summary Edit

Shion Edit

Shion begins in KOS-MOS' maintenance room on the Elsa. She talks to KOS-MOS for a while, then chaos comes in and asks them both if there's anything they'd like for him to pick up on his shopping trip. She asks for curry ingredients. KOS-MOS talks to chaos and something she says bothers Shion a bit. chaos leaves and Shion talks for a bit longer to KOS-MOS. An alarm goes off, and KOS-MOS explains something about a system link with the Durandal motherframe. Shion leaves and visits Ziggy's room, where she talks to MOMO about the Durandal motherframe and has a short talk with Ziggy. Then she heads to the bridge and discusses the Durandal motherframe with Matthews, Tony, and Hammer.

To further investigate, she goes to the Durandal bridge looking for Jr. She discusses the matter with Shelley, Mary, and two 100-Series Realians. She learns that the motherframe had been hacked and that the inhibitor on the Zohar Emulators is putting out more energy than usual. When she goes to check the isolation hangar, it's locked.

Back at the Elsa, she talks to KOS-MOS about the motherframe hacking. Then she stops in to see Ziggy, who is counting. He tells her that Matthews asked MOMO to go to the bridge, so Shion goes to the bridge. She talks to people there, then leaves.

She goes back to the Durandal's bridge and talks to everyone there, then she goes to take a break in her room on the Durandal. She takes a shower, when KOS-MOS calls her on her Connection Gear to tell her that scans indicated an UNKNOWN2 was in her cabin. After getting dressed and leaving her room, she runs into an irritated Allen complaining about talking to someone. As soon as he sees Shion, he freaks out, reduced to a stuttering mess. They talk a bit, then he runs off with a hasty apology. KOS-MOS calls her again for a brief exchange.

She returns to the Elsa and runs into Jr. He asks about Allen, they talk about some other things, then he leaves. She goes to the bridge and asks about Allen, and gets various silly responses. She gets irritated at Hammer. MOMO tells her Allen's in KOS-MOS' control room. When Shion tries to go down to the lower level, the elevator isn't working. She goes to the bridge to see what's wrong--apparently the Elsa mainframe is down. She also finds out MOMO fainted and chaos took her to his cabin. So she goes to chaos' cabin and tries to talk to MOMO, but MOMO is still out. chaos talks about the hacking and the nanovirus that MOMO caught, then the elevator and KOS-MOS.

Shion goes to the bridge to ask about the elevator; Hammer tells her that chaos fixed it, so she goes down to see KOS-MOS, but she's not there. Asking at the bridge gets Matthews calling her extremely rude names. Talking to chaos gets Shion side-tracked on MOMO, and she ends up doing an unsupervised Encephalon dive into MOMO's subconscious domain. There, MOMO acts strangely and insults Shion while meowing. When Shion encounters MOMO with white cat ears, you should save the game so that if you miss a question in the Boost Quiz, you can easily reload.

After the dive is over, MOMO is better. She talks about the mainframe and KOS-MOS. Shion goes to the bridge to hear more about KOS-MOS. She then goes to find her, and the hunt is on! First she finds Ziggy's chair wrecked. She finds MOMO and Jr. in the room; Jr. sadly tells her that KOS-MOS attacked Ziggy, then both MOMO and Jr. yell about it.

Shion follows the path of destruction to the Durandal, where she finds the dock destroyed and gets royally chewed out by Mary. Then the Durandal bridge, which is also wrecked...but Shelley is nicer about it. When she gets back to the Elsa, Hammer is trying to get the elevator working again. The Elsa bridge has been destroyed, too. Matthews yells at Shion, too. Out near the elevator, the ship shakes and Hammer cries out. He tells her that MOMO, Ziggy, and Jr. are down there, then mentions the frieght hatch. Shion uses it to get to the Elsa's lower deck. Once there, she goes to the hangar which is also wrecked. KOS-MOS is there, a tad singed. She explains about a cat she was chasing. Then Jr. shows up with his guns drawn and he and KOS-MOS face off, about to shoot each other. Shion tries to intervene, but something happens and she falls. Allen helps her up, and then Shion tries to reason with KOS-MOS and Jr. to no avail. Just when it looks like nothing can stop them, MOMO shows up and smacks Jr. and KOS-MOS with her frying pan, knocking them out.

Later, Shion and KOS-MOS thank MOMO for helping KOS-MOS with the program that caused the nanovirus. They discuss Allen, whom seems to be the person responsible for the whole problem.

Shortly thereafter, Shion is surprised to see Jr. and Allen in the Elsa, looking chummy. She talks to them, and when Allen tries to leave, he drops a disk that plays some sort of video. Shion is very upset to see the contents, and slaps both Jr. and Allen. If you won the Boost Quiz, you will see Shion slap Jr. and Allen.


KOS-MOS begins in her maintenance room. Shion and chaos come visit her, then she scans the area several times, locating people. One time when she scans, she locates two UNKNOWN people, one of them close to Shion, so she calls Shion to tell her about UNKNOWN2. Later, Allen comes in and has her shut down. Static is heard while "???" speaks too low to be understood. When she reactivates, she talks to Allen, but all Allen can say is cat sounds! Allen leaves, and then KOS-MOS goes out into the hallway. She bumps into Jr. and ends up sitting on him. She has black cat ears. Jr. meows at her, and KOS-MOS tries talking to him, but all he does is meow. Then she sees a small gray cat and follows it into the hangar. She tries to shoot the cat, but it escapes. Allen sees this and meows at her, while KOS-MOS again tries to talk to him. She thinks there is some communication problem because Allen runs away from her (and the smoking, fire filled hangar) making scared cat sounds. KOS-MOS chases the cat around, shooting at it. One time she tries talking to the cat by meowing, but it doesn't seem to listen. She asks chaos about her communication problems, and he can speak normally to her. She continues hunting down the cat, seriously damaging the Elsa and Durandal in the process by using R-CANNON on everything.

Every person she talks to except chaos meows at her.

When she sees the cat on Ziggy, she pounces on him and ends up knocking him out. Later, she runs into MOMO in the lower hallway, and while she is about to shoot her with R-CANNON, MOMO apparently activates the Hilbert Effect. This doesn't help with everyone meowing at her. She chases the cat into the hanger again and really lets go on it. chaos telepathically tells her to use the Hilbert Effect, and this time it works because KOS-MOS' is much stronger than MOMO's. Shion comes in and demands to know what's going on, and KOS-MOS tells her all about the cat. Then Jr. comes in with his guns drawn, ready to fight KOS-MOS. Shion and Allen try to reason with them to no avail. Before KOS-MOS and Jr. can really start fighting, MOMO shows up and hits them both in the head with a Bunnie frying pan. KOS-MOS falls and sees nothing but red static. She later thanks MOMO for fixing the nanovirus she had. Save the game during this scene.

Later, she goes shopping with chaos at the Kukai Foundation and sees a white cat. She comments on it. KOS-MOS' Boost Quiz is here at the end of her story. Getting it all right will let you see KOS-MOS and chaos carrying newly bought items from her shopping trip.

Jr. Edit

Jr. begins on the Durandal's bridge. Almost immediately, an alarm goes off and Shelley reports that Pieta, the Durandal motherframe, has been hacked. Jr. asks his crew about it and they report that whatever it was, it caused the inhibitors in the Zohar Isolation hangar to increase output by 130%. Later, after the alarms shut down, chaos shows up and asks if anyone needs anything from the Kukai Foundation. Jr. asks for a Bunnie and insists it's for MOMO, not him. Mary says something about the Bunnie after chaos leaves. Jr. then goes to the Elsa and talks to KOS-MOS, who tells him that Shion is on the Durandal. He then goes to Ziggy's room and talks to Ziggy and MOMO for a bit. Then he heads to the bridge for a chat with the Elsa bridge crew. Hammer tells him something about a bypass for the motherframe. He goes back to the Durandal bridge, and apparently gets annoyed when everyone talks the present for MOMO. When he heads for the Zohar Isolation hangar, he runs into a startled Allen just outside. Jr. sounds suspicious when Allen says things about KOS-MOS and Vector, but Allen runs off before Jr. can ask him more questions. He then goes into the Zohar room and Mary calls him and talks to him. Before he leaves, he figures Allen must have done something in there. He talks to everyone on the bridge about the motherframe again, then he goes back to the Elsa to ask KOS-MOS about Allen. She tells him he's in Shion's room on the Durandal. Jr. did not expect to hear that but finds it very amusing.

Jr. then visits Ziggy, who is counting. While talking to him about various subjects, he tries to mess up Ziggy's count. After one last attempt, Ziggy yells at him as Jr. leaves the room. Then he goes to the Elsa bridge and asks about Allen, and gets various silly answers.

Perhaps on his way to confirm what KOS-MOS said for himself, Allen bumps into Jr. as he's quickly leaving the Durandal residential area. He talks to Allen, trying to weasle details out of him, but Allen "plays dumb", so Jr. talks about the hacking...then something about Gaignun, which scares Allen off. Jr. gets mad about it and has Mary trace him. He goes to the bridge and continues tracking Allen while talking about some other things. Shelley mentions something about the Vector Chief's security. He's told Allen's on the Elsa, so he goes to the Elsa.

Once there, he runs into Shion and starts talking to her about Allen. Then he tries to get into KOS-MOS' room, but it's locked. He asks after Allen on the bridge of the Elsa, then goes back to the Durandal and grouches about Allen. An alarm goes off, apparently because the Elsa's frieght hatch locked. He contacts Shelley, then goes to the bridge and discusses KOS-MOS, then a 100-Series Realian apparently colapses. They discuss the motherframe and KOS-MOS more, then another 100-Series starts acting strangely.

Back on the Elsa's bridge, the crew tells Jr. about the mainframe and that chaos took a colapsed MOMO back to his cabin. He goes to talk to chaos, who tells him about the nanovirus. As soon as he exits the elevator to the lower deck of the Elsa, KOS-MOS with her cat ears bumps into him and sits on him. He tries to talk to her, but can't get through. Save the game before going into Ziggy's room. When she leaves, he goes to talk to Ziggy, telling him that apparently the Durandal motherframe and Elsa mainframe have affected two out of three 100-Series and also MOMO. He also tells him about KOS-MOS. Then he tries to fix Ziggy's maintenance chair Jr.'s Boost Quiz occurs in Ziggy's room as he attempts to fix something on Ziggy's chair.

Almost as soon as he finishes, KOS-MOS comes in and attacks Ziggy. She apparently hits Jr. twice trying to get at Ziggy. When KOS-MOS leaves, MOMO comes in and they talk a bit. Jr. is very upset that Ziggy has been hurt. MOMO manages to get his chair fixed and Ziggy woke up. After discussing Allen and KOS-MOS and where they are, they help Ziggy to get to the Durandal by having Ziggy bash open the frieght dock for the Elsa.

On the Durandal, they part ways and Jr. talks to Mary in the ruined dock. After that, he goes to the ruined Durandal bridge and talks to Shelley. He finds out that all the 100-Series are feeling better. Another alarm goes off and a 100-Series confirms the problem is aboard the Elsa. He meets Hammer on the Elsa, who tells him KOS-MOS wrecked the bridge. On the wrecked bridge, Matthews is understandably upset. Jr. goes to the Durandal to make sure the Zohars are safe, and once he's made sure they are, he gets to the lower deck of the Elsa through the freight dock, and heads for the hangar for a final showdown with KOS-MOS. Much yelling goes on between KOS-MOS, Shion, ans Jr.--Jr.'s pissed because of everything he knows KOS-MOS has done.

Jr. pulls his guns first, then KOS-MOS gets ready to shoot him with R-CANNON. Jr. does something that damages the stability of the hangar, putting Shion in danger. Allen rushes out of nowhere to help Shion. Then KOS-MOS switches to her gattling guns. Jr. doesn't back down at all, even though both Shion and Allen try to reason with him. MOMO and her frying pan have had enough though, and she whacks them both in the head with it, knocking them out.

Jr. wakes up on the repaired bridge of the Durandal. He talks to Mary and Shelley a bit, then goes to the Elsa and torments Allen. While he's doing that, he runs into Shion, and somehow Allen drops a disk of some sort that shows something Shion doesn't like, so she growls, halls off and slaps them both. Completing Jr.'s Boost Quiz will let you see three 100-Series Realians hold Jr. down and try to cover the slap mark on his face with make-up while Mary and Shelley look on in amusement. While they do that on the Durandal, Jr. tries to fight them off and Mary runs color commentary.


MOMO begins in Ziggy's maintenance room. She stays there talking to Ziggy for a while while people come and go visiting her and Ziggy. chaos visits first, and MOMO asks him to get her a frying pan, possibly because Shion told her she would teach her to cook. Shion is next, talking about the Durandal motherframe. Then Jr. visits for a bit. Matthews calls and asks MOMO to come to the bridge, so she leaves Ziggy's room. On the bridge, Matthews asks her to work with the sensors. MOMO talks to them all, and apparently something Hammer says gets him kicked by Matthews. She does as Matthews asked and reports her findings. He tells her to go to the Durandal bridge, so she leaves, but makes a stop to check on KOS-MOS before she goes. She asks about Shion, and KOS-MOS tells her that Shion is with Allen on the Durandal, but not to bother them because Jr. advised that it was not a good idea. She then tells Ziggy she's leaving, but promises to come back soon.

When she arrives on the Durandal, Professor bumps into her and she introduces herself then talks to him and Scott for a short time. They're in a hurry and leave soon. She saw a disk with them, but doesn't have time to thnk about it, since she's needed on the bridge. She's about to go to Shion's room on the Durandal, but remembers that KOS-MOS told her not to bother her there. But she does listen in! After eavesdropping, she goes to the bridge and talks about the motherframe.

When she gets back to the Elsa, she catches a glimpse of Allen on his way down to the lower deck. She sounds confused because she thought Allen was with Shion. Then she goes to the Elsa bridge to report on the hacking. She does some more work on the bridge, then an alarm goes off because the Elsa mainframe is being hacked. Much quick action and yelling back and forth goes on, then MOMO colapses.

In her mind, she sees a gray cat being held by a mysterious girl. She tries to introduce herself to the girl by saying she's a prototype 100-Series named MOMO, but the girl doesn't respond. She follows the girl into the house, where she sees Rubedo, who asks about Sakura. Then she wakes up in chaos' cabin with a worried Shion asking if she's OK. She tells Shion about KOS-MOS and the nanovirus. Because she sensed KOS-MOS in Ziggy's room, she goes there only to find Ziggy's chair wrecked and Jr. upset. MOMO helps get Ziggy up, and they all discuss KOS-MOS, a little of Allen, and Shion thrown in for flavor. Then they go to take Ziggy to the Durandal. MOMO stays behind and meets with KOS-MOS in the halway. After a short exchange, MOMO tries to use the Hilbert Effect to cure KOS-MOS of her nanovirus, but it doesn't work. It keeps her from getting shot, though.

Ziggy calls and MOMO talks to him for a bit. Then she tries to get into the hangar, but it's locked. She manages to unlock the hangar but sees nothing there. She goes into KOS-MOS' room and looks around...while she's there, an explosion rocks the Elsa and MOMO's frying pan falls and hits MOMO on the head. Something falls out of her pocket, and she finds it was a disk that Professor must have planted on her when he bumped into her earlier. Save the game somewhere around here. Armed with the disk and the program for the nanovirus, she tries to fix KOS-MOS' pod so that it will remove it. MOMO's Boost Quiz happens in KOS-MOS' maintenance room after her frying pan hits her on the head.

Successful in her attempt, MOMO takes her frying pan into the hanger, where Jr. and KOS-MOS are about to shoot each other. MOMO beats the fight out of Jr. and KOS-MOS with her pan. She apologizes to KOS-MOS for hitting her, but the only response she gets from Jr. is a groan.

In KOS-MOS' room, KOS-MOS thanks her for her help with the nanovirus. They talk for a bit, then MOMO goes with KOS-MOS to see Jr. on the Durandal bridge. She recieves her giant stuffed Bunnie there and thanks Jr. for it. Then she talks to Jr. for a bit, apparently revealing that there are people hiding from him. He yells for them to come out...

Finishing MOMO's Boost Quiz will let you see the very large stuffed Bunnie Jr. bought for her.

Ziggy Edit

Ziggy's story begins in Ziggy's maintenance room. For a long time he stays there, possibly because he's not feeling well. Several people come in to talk to him and MOMO. When MOMO leaves to go the the Elsa bridge, Ziggy apparently gets bored and starts counting. People visit again while he's counting, and Jr. tries to make him miss his count while talking to him. Just when Ziggy thinks Jr. is finished trying to mess with him, he runs back in and shouts another number, succeeding in making Ziggy lose his count. Much later (according to Ziggy's count), Ziggy senses that something's wrong with the mainframe on the Elsa. Jr. comes back and tries to fix Ziggy's maintenance chair. Eventually KOS-MOS with cat ears comes in. Jr. tries to protect Ziggy, but she attacks Ziggy, knocking him unconscious. While out, he has a nightmare about his murdered wife and son, Joaquin and Sharon Rozas. When he wakes up, he talks to Jr. and MOMO about various things. MOMO fixes his ruined chair enough to get him on his feet. In the lower hallway, Jr., MOMO, and Ziggy discuss some things, mainly KOS-MOS and the non-functional elevator. MOMO suggests the frieght dock, but it's locked, so Ziggy opens it with force.

Jr. takes him to the Durandal, where Ziggy wonders at the mess KOS-MOS has made of the dock. He seems to know Allen is involved somehow and talks to Jr about it for a bit. Then he explains to Mary that he's a cyborg, not a robot. He goes back to the Elsa and talks to MOMO about Allen, then heads back to the Durandal then the Kukai Foundation, looking for Allen. He gets a call from MOMO, who talks to him about KOS-MOS, explaining she has a nanovirus.

He then travels to the Robot Academy where he finds and confronts Allen, wondering what the heck is going on. He gets mad at Allen when Allen mentions MOMO. Somehow, he trips. This would be a good place to save the game. Ziggy's Boost Quiz occurs after he gets up from tripping and breaking things in the Robot Academy. Allen panicks about Ziggy tripping and wrecking the Robot Academy, but Ziggy seems confused. Allen hollers about the system apparently going nuts, and Ziggy shuts it down, but gets a bit scorched in the process. Professor comes in yelling, then Ziggy talks to him and Scott for a moment. Then they do something that Ziggy doesn't like...whatever it was, it apparently didn't do Ziggy any favors.

Getting all of Ziggy's Boost Quiz questions right gives you a scene of Ziggy sitting with MOMO. During this scene, he talks to MOMO.

chaos Edit

chaos starts out in the cabin abord the Elsa. He spends a lot of time narrating his story. He decides he wants to go shopping at the Kukai Foundation, so he travels around, asking everyone if there is anything they need while he's there. MOMO asks for a frying pan, Tony wants tobbaco, Matthews wants sake, and Shion wants some curry making ingredients. When he gets to the Durandal, he hears an alarm and goes to the bridge to ask about it. Then he asks if anyone there wants him to buy anything. Jr. asks chaos to buy a stuffed Bunnie. chaos teases him about it and Jr. angrily insists the Bunnie is for MOMO. He goes back to the Elsa to talk to people a bit more, and when he talks to KOS-MOS, she replays their conversation mimicking voices. He laughs and thanks her for it. Before heading to the Kukai Foundation, save the game. chaos' Boost Quiz occurs as soon as he reaches the Kukai Foundation, while he looks over his shopping list.

Once he's done shopping, he says he should return to the Elsa. On the way, when he reaches the Durandal, he talks about MOMO, Professor, and a disk. Then he goes to the Elsa and checks in with everyone, then tells people he's brought back the stuff they wanted him to buy. On the bridge, an alarm goes off and Hammer reports that there's hacking in the mainframe, then something about KOS-MOS. After this, MOMO faints and chaos carries her back to his cabin. As soon as he gets to his cabin, Shion shows up asking after MOMO. He tells her about the hacking and the nanovirus. He asks if KOS-MOS is all right, and Shion leaves to check. Then Allen comes in and gets upset about what happened to MOMO bacause of the hacking. They talk for a bit, then Allen leaves. Shortly thereafter, Shion comes back and performs an unsupported Encephalon Dive on MOMO. chaos leaves while Shion does this.

Now he goes around planting items and suggesting things to people in order to help them with the problems to come. First, he puts MOMO's frying pan in KOS-MOS' room where she'll find it when she needs it. He thinks to go to the Kukai Foundation, but stops and sees Mary talking to Shion. They don't notice him there, and he passes by to go to the Kukai Foundation. Before he does that, he puts his hands on part of the Durandal and makes them glow. At the Foundation, he talks about Allen and Ziggy before he goes to the Robot seems he knows what's going to happen before it does, or is telling the player the story after it happened...

In the Robot Academy, he watches Ziggy and Allen talking, unnoticed. He knows that Ziggy is going to cause trouble on accident, and apparently helps him fix it without Ziggy noticing. In the Robot Academy, he tells KOS-MOS to use the Hilbert Effect, but she's no where near--chaos tells her telepathically. He then goes back to the Elsa so that he's there to help in the final showdown with KOS-MOS and Jr. The only one who sees him there is Allen. chaos tells Allen that Shion's in danger and Allen goes to help her.

chaos goes back to his cabin after helping Allen, then tells the player all about his adventure, then says goodbye. All correct with chaos' Boost Quiz lets you see chaos sitting calmly in his cabin while he talks about his day.

Allen Edit

Allen's story begins in the Durandal dock. He is almost immediately accosted by Scott and then the Professor. After speaking with them for a few minutes, Allen apparently wants nothing to do with them and attempts to leave. They stop him from going several places, and they both follow him where ever he goes, pestering him and causing problems. On the way to the Zohar Isolation room, one of them does something that shocks Allen unconscious and he wakes up in the Zohar Isolation room, only to argue with the two more while they press buttons. Allen gets so upset he talks in incoherent symbols! After more yelling, carrying on, and Professor and Scott messing with the Zohar Emulator system, an alarm goes off, so Professor and Scott leave, forcing Allen to fix the problem. He runs into a suspicious Jr. as he leaves. Still trying to escape Professor and Scott, he runs into them again near Shion's room on the Durandal. Again they run off, leaving him to look nervous and silly as if he were stalking Shion. He runs into Jr. again, who tells him about hacking on the Durandal, and Allen runs off. Eventually, curiosity about what Professor and Scott are up to apparently gets the better of him and he goes to the Robot Academy. He immediatly discovers to his dismay that he's now Assistant #2.

A good deal of back and forth and yelling occurs between Proffesor, Scott, and Allen. He gets so upset at one point about something to do with Shion that he apparently faints. Then even more discussion, yelling, and hysterics goes on while Professor and Scott rope Allen into doing what they want, which is to take them onto the Elsa with a disk of some kind.

He takes them to the Elsa, where KOS-MOS is declared to be Assistant #3. Scott and Professor hide when MOMO shows up, but Allen runs off to the Elsa lower section before they can talk much. He convinces KOS-MOS to shut down so that Professor and Scott can do whatever they planned to do. This is the first Allen hears about the Schroedinger AI program and the cat ear antennae they plan to install in KOS-MOS. Allen gets upset about this, but can't stop them since they're already doing it. Scott and Professor leave when they finish.

Shortly thereafter, KOS-MOS wakes up with her new cat ears and starts meowing. She apparently tells Allen she needs to protect things from a dangerous cat she's detected. Allen tries to stop her, but he can't. Instead, he runs out of the room when KOS-MOS prepares to target this cat that Allen can't see. He goes back to the Robot Academy to find out just what the heck Professor and Scott did. They think it's funny, and Allen yells at them for laughing about it. They talk some more and Allen starts panicking. Apparently Professor hits Allen on the way out of the Academy.

When he goes back to the Elsa, he checks KOS-MOS' room, but finding her missing, he goes to bridge where everyone is yelling about trouble with the mainframe. Allen runs back out, slowly but surely realizing just how much trouble he's caused by letting Professor and Scott railroad him. He talks to chaos, where he finds out that MOMO has been caught up in the trouble. He gets upset about this and chaos talks to him about it for a bit, then tells him Shion's coming soon. Allen leaves and goes to the hangar, where he finds KOS-MOS shooting the place up. After trying to talk to KOS-MOS again, he runs back out, scared. (No wonder, KOS-MOS is shooting at nothing!)

He boards the Durandal, where he finds the dock all wrecked and Mary yelling at Shion. He hides out of sight while this goes on, upset that Shion's getting yelled at for something that's ultimately his fault. Professor calls him and apparently tells him to come back to the Robot Academy, and won't listen when Allen tells him about what KOS-MOS is doing. So he goes back to the Academy where he talks to Professor and Scott for a moment, then they both leave. Suddenly Ziggy shows up and wonders what's going on. They talk, and Allen mentions MOMO, which really upsets Ziggy. Then Ziggy trips and wrecks the Robot Academy, making Allen upset and yell at a confused Ziggy.

Allen leaves the Robot Academy only to run into Professor and Scott outside. Then he runs back to the Durandal, yells at himself, then tries to get to the Elsa. The regular way is locked, and Hammer tells him about the freight hatch. Allen goes back through the freight hatch, and goes to the wrecked hangar. He meets chaos there, who tells him what's going on with Jr. and KOS-MOS, and then tells him that Shion's in danger, so Allen goes to rescue her. He gets mixed up in the final confrontation between Jr. and KOS-MOS, but manages to keep Shion safe. He witnesses MOMO's frying pan solution to the problem, talks to Shion a moment, then flees to the wrecked Robot Academy. He yells a bit, meets Professor and Scott, who run off again, then talks to himself some more before returning to the Elsa. He talks to himself some more, then Jr. comes up behind him and they discuss things for a bit...then Shion shows up, and while Allen tries to make good his escape, he drops the disk...and it gets both Jr. and Allen slapped by Shion.

Back at the Robot Academy, Scott and Professor talk to Allen a bit, with distinctly mischevious looks on their faces. Then they both laugh.

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