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Xenosaga HD Collection is a proposed remastering of the Xenosaga trilogy in a high-definition widescreen format.

The Xenosaga series was released on PlayStation 2. Despite being released for a standard definition format, it spanned 5 physical DVD discs.

So far, none of the games have been released on digital distribution services like the PlayStation Store. Episode I and Episode III were never released in Europe.

Rumors Edit

A petition created by a fan has amassed over 11,000 signatures.

In July 2015, Bandai Namco director Katsuhiro Harada tweeted, "To Xenosaga Fan. About HD collection: I don't expect miracle by Petition any more. I'll find another way!! Thanks."[1]

In December of 2017, a rumor about a potential Xenosaga HD Trilogy surfaced from leaked information regarding an upcoming Bandai Namco presentation, which stated the collection would be a Nintendo Switch/PS4/PC exclusive. Liam Robertson stated it was based off of a misinterpretation of statements he had made about the rumours on his Patreon podcast[2]. He later tweeted, "Not a lot I can share re: the Bandai Namco press event, but I can say there’s no Dark Souls Switch or Xenosaga HD there."[3] While Dark Souls 1 Remastered was officially announced in early January 2018, there has been no official announcements concerning a possible HD port of the Xenosaga trilogy.

Emulation Edit

Currently, the only way to play Xenosaga in HD is to use PCSX2 emulator on PC using a widescreen patch. While this method works generally fine, there are some minor visual issues.

Episode I

  • Some save locations will freeze the entire emulator, so it is recommended to save the game using a save state before saving.
  • Best used with HW hacks offset 0 by 1000.

Episode II

  • Best used with HW hacks offset 0 by 1000.

Episode III

  • Best used with HW hacks offset 0 by 1000.

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