This Manual of Style will serve to keep certain elements of the Xenosaga Wiki uniform, to prevent great changes in tone or perspective from article to article. It will be effective immediately, though it will be officially ratified by community consensus at a later date. It will be basic at first but will hopefully grow to more specificity over time.

For information on the most basic writing techniques and styles, which are also used on Wikia, see Wikipedia's Manual of Style.


All article types have (or will have) specific standardized layouts (i.e. Ships, locations, or games) They will entail what sections each article can have. These are guidelines but all articles must contain some form of each section under each of these specific titles.

Character articlesEdit

The basic layout for a character article is:

  1. Title
  2. Intro
  3. Biography
  4. Background
  5. External Links
  6. Categories


All articles with these specific sections must have headings and these will be standardized for specific types of articles.

Headings are created by placing two "=" signs on each side of a phrase, to create a main heading.

Like this:

===This is a heading===

This is a headingEdit

Adding more "=" signs on each side of the text creates a subheading, which will further organize and break up the text. By adding a number of sections, a table of context will automatically be generated. One whhich automatically number each section and organizes them by importance in internet searches.

  • Headings will always start with a capital letter, with the exception of if it starts with "chaos," while all other words shall begin with a lowercase letter unless such a word is a name or place.
  • No links in headings.
  • Try not to overuse subheadings.


Despite both Xenogears and Xenosaga taking place in the distant future, all articles will be written in the past tense (happened, was, saw), not present (happening, is, seeing) or future (will happen, will be, will see) tenses.


In-universe (IU)Edit

If a subject is described as in-universe, it means that it is from the Xenogears or Xenosaga universes and not the real world. Characters, for example, are in-universe, but the voice actors who portray them are out-of-universe. The only section where it is appropriate to break this is the Behind the scenes section. In-universe articles should be written as if the author existed as a nameless and neutral figure in the worlds of Xenosaga and Xenogears. In-universe articles should never refer to Xenosaga or Xenogears by name, or any other real life things such as publications, voice-actors, or anything else.

Out-of-universe (OOU)Edit

Out-of-Universe refers to when an article should be written from a real life point of view. These include voice actors, crew members, or games. Articles about such material should be written from an out-of-universe perspective but should be noted as such with a future template.

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