Albedo engulfed in the full Y-Data in Episode II.


Albedo engulfed in the full Y-Data in Episode II.

The Y-Data, also known as the Y Data, is information described as the "Root of the Miltian Conflict". It is said to be the entire log of Joachim Mizrahi which composed his entire research. Dialogs surrounding it suggest that this data is vital to the Zohar Project, and has been called data that could affect the entire fate of humanity.

Having analyzed the Fragments of Lemegeton that Grimoire Verum had left behind in the era of Lost Jerusalem, Joachim Mizrahi created the Y-Data.

What the Y-Data contains Edit

Canaan's Y-Data Edit

During the Miltian Conflict, Jin Uzuki stole a copy of the Y-Data from U-TIC, likely from Margulis, and downloaded it into Canaan. However the data was encrypted and could only be accessed within Labyrinthos.

For 14 years, the Miltian government worked endlessly to decode it to no avail. Whenever Canaan tried to explore his memories, a "shadow" would appear.

MOMO's Y-Data Edit

The Truth Hidden Within MOMO

The Truth Hidden Within MOMO

Albedo obtains part of the Y-Data in Episode I.

Another copy was hidden within the subconscious domain of MOMO Mizrahi. Several people, including Juli Mizrahi, Joachim's ex-wife, had no knowledge that the copy existed within her. MOMO's copy of the Y-Data features a safeguard that the Ormus cult, namely Albedo Piazzolla, had to bypass in Episode II in order to extract the information he needed to locate the Abyss. According to Wilhelm, the data extracted from MOMO by Albedo was incomplete.

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