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Queen Zephyr
20s/30s (biologically due to life extension)
522 (chronologically)
E.C. 9477 or 9486 (see Trivia)
Hair color
Light brown
Eye color
Queen of Shevat
Voice actor
Land dwellers, can you find it in your heart to help us? We must free manking from the grasps of Solaris... We must gain true freedom and build a peaceful world to live in.

Queen Zephyr is the humble-yet-strong leader of the nation of Shevat. She is one of the few on the planet who knows some truth about the world. She has reigned at least since the time of the Shevat-Solaris War, making her 522 years old at the beginning of Xenogears.

Biography Edit

Zephyr fought against Solaris during the Shevat-Solaris War as part of the Anti-Solaris Alliance. She also knew Sophia. She survived the Diabolos Collapse.

In 9505, Zephyr, along with the Three Sages (Isaac Balthasar, Gaspar Uzuki and Taura Melchior), restored Shevat after its assault by Solaris.

In 9511, along with the Sages of Shevat and several other individuals, she was "punished" with the gift of eternal life through nanomachines for, in Karellen's mind at least, sacrificing Sophia to end the war.

Zephyr currently has has no spouse, family, children or relatives. She is a benevolent and gentle woman, yet harbors much sadness and has witnessed some truly unbearable things in her lifetime.

Xenogears Edit

In the second disc of the game Shevat is destroyed during the resurrection of Deus and crash lands on one of the northern snow-covered islands of the world. She remained queen of the surviving population of Shevat and the rest of the world in the Snowfield Hideout.

Later, Zephyr tells Fei Fong Wong and his allies about the existence of Anima Relics, and advice on where they may find them.

Quotes Edit

  • "The snow keeps falling... Softly covering up everything in this world... Our sorrow, our defilement, our mistakes... If only we could wipe away these things as easily as that... What have we... have I... been doing... been pursuing... for these past 500 years?"

Trivia Edit

  • There is a discrepancy. Zephyr says she is 522 years old in-game, and 9999-522=9477. However, Perfect Works says Zephyr was born in 9486. The reason for this discrepancy is unknown. Perfect Works says, "Zephyr is born as Shevat's third Queen", but it is possible that this is actually when Zephyr became queen as a child.
  • Fei can find a picture in Shevat. He claims it's an old picture with parents, a girl and a younger brother. It is implied this her family, and her younger brother was killed.[1]
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