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Zohar... It is what drives all of the Gears on this planet. It is the master generator that transmits its energy to the slave generators in our Gears. It is also the source of all the Ether power that the inhabitants of this planet utilize. By utilizing the energy displacements caused by actualizing potential future phenomenon... this 'Zohar Modifier' has the ability to produce infinite amounts of energy.
Myyah Hawwa

The Zohar as seen in Xenogears.

The Zohar (Zohar Modifier in the English localization), is an object that generates infinite amounts of energy in Xenogears. The Zohar powers Deus, all the Gears, and all the ether powers of the people on the planet.

History Edit

It is unknown when the Zohar was created, but there are certain implications that the Zohar may be as old as the big bang.

In A.D. 2001, an object was unearthed: the Zohar. It is possible that the events are similar to Xenosaga, in which T. Masuda unearths it during an archaeological excavation at Lake Turkana in Kenya. However, this is uncertain.

Thousands of years later, after Earth was lost and became Lost Jerusalem, in T.C. 4751, research on the Zohar commences as Project Zohar (similar to the Zohar Project in Xenosaga). The Galaxy Federation uses Kadomony to control the Zohar.

The Zohar was not always a source of infinite energy, however. It started out as Deus' main engine - still capable of great power, but not infinite. In an experiment to power Deus up, the Zohar managed to draw in and trap a being from a higher dimension in it (which eventually came to be known to Fei as the Wave Existence), which then made it an infinite energy source.


Elly in Kadomony in the eye of the Zohar.

In T.C. 4767, ten thousand years before the start of the story of Xenogears, Abel, a passenger on the Eldridge, managed to walk into Deus's central engine core. He touched the Zohar, an act that made him The Contact. As a response to his touch, the Wave Existence created the Antitype so that it could speak to him.

Xenogears does not get into the specifics of the direct exchange between Abel, the Antitype and the Wave Existence at this point, but through his connection to the Wave Existence, Fei at some point learns that it is trapped within the Zohar, and it wishes to be free.

History on Xenogears planet Edit

After the Eldridge crashed, the Zohar landed in an area called The Land of Bethlehem, which is the top left of the Xenogears world.

Very few people can withstand making direct contact with the Zohar. In fact, only two people in Xenogears are able to make and survive prolonged exposure to it, and they are Fei Fong Wong and Elehayym Van Houten. Fei and Elly, as the Contact and Antitype, are reincarnated due to their connection to the Wave Existence in the Zohar on the planet, in hopes that both of them would be able to free the Wave Existence from the Zohar by destroying the Zohar.

In 9501, Lacan, a reincarnation of Abel, made contact with the Zohar after being told to by Myyah Hawwa. However, because Lacan's heart was troubled, the incomplete contact gives rise to Grahf.

In 9999, Fei and his allies learn the truth of the Zohar, and destroy it, freeing the Wave Existence to its higher dimension where Karellen follows.

Trivia Edit

  • The Zohar's shape is is echoed in a number of objects and references that appear in the entirety of the Xenosaga and Xenoblade series, such as the Zohar and Zohar Emulators in Xenosaga. While each is similar, but none of them are the same object.
  • The Zohar is similar in appearance and usage to the Monolith from Arthur C. Clarke's 2001: A Space Odyssey, which it is likely inspired by. The "Magnetic Abormal Matter" may be a reference to "Tycho Magnetic Anomaly".


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