Zohar Project banner.

The Zohar Project at C.A.T. Testing Ground.

The Zohar Project, also known as Project Zohar, is a major anti-Gnosis project implemented by the Galaxy Federation government and affiliated organizations such as S.O.C.E., Second Miltia, and Vector Industries, among others.

It originally began with research into using the Zohar as an energy generator, but the project's coverage was partially altered in order to deal with the Gnosis phenomenon and its rapidly accelerating expansion. Currently, the Contact Subcommittee is playing the central role in its implementation. In Episode III, Pellegri claims the Zohar Project was originally brought into the world by Ormus and the People of Zohar from Abraxas/Michtam.

As the name suggests, the Original Zohar is at the center of the project; salvaging it from Miltia has become urgent business.

The 100-Series system, the KOS-MOS Project, and the U-DO system that the U-TIC Organization has been researching are all part of the achievements of the Zohar Project.

Once Dmitri Yuriev's survival had been confirmed after the space-time anomaly in Miltian space, he took command of the project and pressed Salvator Faction Representatives to transfer project leadership from the Contact Subcommittee to the military. The content of the project soon took a strikingly different direction, leading to the development of Merkabah, Omega Res Novae, and the "T-Weapon".

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